Cracow University of Technology (Poland)

Cracow University of Technology (Poland)

Cracow University of Technology (Poland), partner, was established in 1954. It has of 7 faculties with 22 courses of study and many specialties, 17,000 students taking fulltime courses, evening courses, extramural studies, Ph.D. studies, and postgraduate studies, with nearly 1,200 academic teachers overseeing their education. Due to our knowledge and commitment in that field and the thriving cooperation with innovative business companies, we have become a beneficiary of multiple grant programs. CUT was a leader 3 grands from Horizon 2020. It was also a leader or participant a grands from 7FP, 6FP and 5FP (38 projects). It also is a leader or partner in other internationals grant such a TEMPUS, ERASMUS+ and research programs. It cooperates with 38 countries in international or bilateral projects. Moreover, CUT has in its structure units specialized in the areas of technology transfer, protection of property rights and project management. At the university work The Centre of Technology Transfer and the university is a founding shareholder in clusters of technology, the technology park and the initiator of activities including academic entrepreneurship spin offs. It gives the possibility of broad dissemination of project results.

The participation in the project BIOART is common efforts of two teams: Institute of Materials Enineering and Department Experimental Mechanics and Biomechanics. The CUT is responsible for developing following cursesn the project framework:

  • Biomaterials I – lecture notes (Grzegorz Milewski),

  • Biomaterials II – laboratory exercises (Aneta Liber-Kneć, Sylwia Łagan),

  • Computer simulations of multibody models in biomechanical engineering (Adam Ciszkiewicz),

  • Nanostructures and nanocapsules (Małgorzata Chwał).

  • Bio-ceramics (Aneta Szewczyk-Nykiel, Kinga Korniejenko, Janusz Mikuła)

  • 3D printing for biomedical applications (Szymon Gądek)

Title (Prof/Dr.) Name E-mail
Prof. Janusz Mikuła
Local coordinator
Prof. Grzegorz Milewski
Dr. Kinga Korniejenko
Contact person

Dr. Adam Ciszkiewicz
Dr. Małgorzata Chwał
Dr. Barbara Kozub
Dr. Aneta Liber-Kneć
Dr. Sylwia Łagan
Dr. Aneta Szewczyk-Nykiel
MSc Szymon Gądek