All courses

# Course Name Lecturer Institution
1 Biomedical Digital Signal Processing Prof. David Luengo UPM
2 Signal recognition techniques Juana Mª Gutiérrez Arriola UPM
3 Biomaterials Production and Characterization Dr. Kfir Ben-Harush SCE
4 Biopolymers engineering Dr. Kfir Ben-Harush SCE
5 Introduction to digital image processing Dr. Tom Trigano SCE
6 Introduction to digital signal processing Dr. Tom Trigano,
Dr. Dima Bykhovsky
7 Numerical methods using Python Dr. Tom Trigano SCE
8 Principles of Machine Learning Dr. Hen Giladi SCE
9 Structures and Properties of Materials for Medical Applications Prof. Amir Eliezer SCE
10 Biomedical materials and constructions Shalomieiev Vadym ZNTU
11 Biomedical signals and signal processing Morshchavka Sergii ZNTU
12 CAD of biomedical devices and structures Anzhelika Parkhomenko ZNTU
13 Diagnostic and therapeutic devices and systems Morshchavka Sergii ZNTU
14 Embedded biomedical systems and wireless sensor networks Anzhelika Parkhomenko ZNTU
15 Machine learning and artificial intelligence Morshchavka Sergii ZNTU
16 Medical Informational Infrastructure Galyna Tabunshchyk, Olha Petrova ZNTU
17 Modern trends in nanotechnologies Pogosov Valentin, Korotun Andriy ZNTU
18 Telemedicine Samoilyk Sergey ZNTU
19 Additive methods in
Marek Nykiel, PhD CUT
20 Bio-ceramics Aneta Szewczyk-Nykiel, PhD CUT
21 Biomaterials I Grzegorz Milewski, PhD, DSc CUT
22 Biomaterials II Aneta Liber-Kneć, PhD CUT
23 Nanostructures and nanocapsules Dr Małgorzata Chwał CUT
24 Computer simulations of multibody models in biomechanical engineering Dr Adam Ciszkiewicz CUT
25 Blood Material Interaction Prof. Dr. Michael Fischer DUK
26 Extracorporeal blood purification and detoxification Dr. Jens Hartmann DUK
27 Implantable sensors and systems DUK
28 Optical sensors for biomedical applications DUK
29 Regenerative Medicine Biotechnolog Prof. Dr. Stefan Nehrer DUK
30 Regenerative medicine and biotechnology in orthopaedics DUK
31 Computational Biology for Bioengineering Dr. Tomer Kalisky BIU
32 Data Science for Bio-Engineering Prof. Gur Yaari BIU
33 Deep learning and its application in bio-engineering  Dr. Dror Lederman HIT
34 Introduction to Neural Implants Ronen Sosnik, PhD HIT
35 Neural Implants – Applications Ronen Sosnik, PhD HIT
36 Algorithmization and programming, medical data processing Svitlana Malyhina, PhD DSEA
37 Biomechanics Sergey Podliesnyi, PhD DSEA
38 Biomedical systems, materials and technologies Eduard Grybkov, Doctor of Sciences DSEA
39 Cloud technologies and services Gurkovska Svitlana, PhD
Olexander Altukhov, PhD
40 Computing Intelligence Technologies Pavlo Sahaida, Prof., Doc. Of Sc. DSEA
41 Designing and manufacturing of medical products Ph.D. Mikhieienko D.Y. DSEA
42 Digital Processing of Biomedical Signals Eduard Grybkov, Doctor of Sciences DSEA
43 Distributed computer systems and networks Olexander Altukhov, PhD DSEA
44 IT in medicine Lina Bohdanova, PhD DSEA
45 Mathematical modeling in biotechnical systems Liudmyla Vasylieva, PhD DSEA
46 Methods of image processing and computer vision Liudmyla Vasylieva, PhD DSEA
47 Methods of mathematical processing of medical biological data Iryna Getman, PhD DSEA
48 Modern methods of designing software systems based on an object-oriented approach Oleksandr Tarasov, Prof., Doctor of Sciences DSEA
49 Regenerative engineering and design of optimal structures Olexander Altukhov, PhD DSEA
50 Technologies for receiving and transmitting medical data Serhii Dobriak , PhD DSEA
51 Virtual and augmented reality technologies Ph.D. Mikhieienko D.Y. DSEA
52 Web-oriented medical systems Valerii Anosov, Senior teacher DSEA
53 Biomaterials As. Prof. Dmytro Shtofel, Ph.D. VNTU
54 Computer simulation of multi-body models As. Prof. Dmytro Shtofel, Ph.D. VNTU
55 Biomaterials: blood material interaction and blood purification As. Prof. Dmytro Shtofel, Ph.D. VNTU
56 Synthesis of digital circuits and devices As. Prof. Leonid Koval, Ph.D. VNTU
57 Firmware for implants and medical devices and implants. Medico-technical support for implants and medical devices and implants As. Prof. Serhii Tymchyk, Ph.D. VNTU
58 Linear and Vector Algebra. Fourier series and their use for signal and image analysis. Monte-Carlo method Volodymyr Mykhalevych, Dr.Sc. VNTU
59 Computer simulation of linear and non-linear systems As. Prof. Dmytro Shtofel, Ph.D. VNTU
60 Basics of biosign measurements. Sensors and sensors for measuring biomedical signals and implant diagnostics As. Prof. Leonid Koval, Ph.D. VNTU
61 Modern information technologies in science and education Sergey Sukhorukov, PhD VNTU
62 Information wireless networks and medical technologies Professor Sergii Zlepko, Doctor of Technical Sciences VNTU
63 Nanostructures and nanocapsule Professor Sergii Pavlov, Doctor of Technical Sciences VNTU
64 New materials and composites Sergey Sukhorukov, PhD VNTU
65 Complex image processing methods As. Prof. Leonid Koval, Ph.D. VNTU
66 Regenerative biomedical technologies in modern medicine. Bioprinting and 3-D printing technologies in biomedical engineering As. Prof. Serhii Tymchyk, Ph.D. VNTU
67 Computer simulation of multi-body models Oleksiy Koyfman, PhD PSTU
68 3D Printing for Biomedical Applications Prof. Yefremenko Bohdan, PhD PSTU
69 Bioceramics Prof. Iefremenko V.G. PSTU
70 Biomaterials Assoc. Prof. Oleinik I.M., PhD PSTU
71 Biomedical signal processing Assoc. Prof. Oleksiy Koyfman, PhD PSTU
72 Computersimulation of multi-body models Assoc. Prof. Yurii Sahirov, PhD PSTU
73 Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Prof. Vereskun Mykhailo PSTU
74 Nanostructures and nanocapsules Assoc. Prof. Sorochan E. PSTU
75 Regenerative medicine and biotechnology in orthopedics Prof. Azarkhov A.Yu PSTU
76 Sensors for Biomedical Application Assoc. Prof . Oleksiy Koyfman, PhD PSTU
77 Introduction to Biomechanics – Biomechanics of Orthopaedic Implants Prof. dr. ir. Kathleen Denis KUL
78 3D printing for biomedical applications (contribution to the course/part of a course) KUL
79 Mechanical design methods for Biomedical Engineering Dr ing Peter Arras KUL