Main objectives are: 

  • To establish a framework for engineering students and faculty to study and teach in EU higher education institutions, thus increasing students and faculty expertise while creating long-lasting institutional effects.

  • To develop an educational program that satisfies the market needs, in order for its graduates students to have higher employment rates, and to develop technical and personal competences that market and society needs: problem solving techniques, entrepreneurship, collaboration, analytical skills, presentation skills, etc.

  • To modernize Partner Countries HE Programs.

  • To develop innovative academic environment for bioengineering curricula. This objective addresses the need of modernization of existing laboratories and teaching facilities, by establishing new equipped laboratories for effective education in the multidisciplinary science of bioengineering.

  • To bring the HE Institutions of Partner Countries closer to the Labor Market. This objective addresses the necessity of finding a balance between what is offered in the educational system and what is needed in the industrial sector.

Specific project objectives are:

  • To evaluate the educational needs through problem and job analysis, and review the current curricula. This objective targets the challenges of the multi-disciplinary of the subject area and the needs of definition of new skills for new jobs in bioengineering.

  • To develop additional courses in artificial implants for biomedical engineering, suited for both B. Sc. and M. Sc. degrees.

  • To develop, implement and accredit new practice oriented course curricula including ECTS.