After the end of the project, the services and training modules developed have been integrated in the daily educational and training activities of the partner institutions within the established network. The new courses are now part of the regular, already existing, curricula of the partner institutions. In the regular curricula of the universities, the learning platform and the courses are self-sustainable. As part of the ongoing dissemination activities, through large advertising of the project’s results, the partners will look for further financial support from companies from industry for implementation of the e-learning courses in their R&D activities and development of training modules for their purposes. 

The BIOART project yielded significant outcomes: up-to-date courses were created and/or updated, various teaching materials were developed, and a virtual students contest was organized by with students from all the partner institutions involved. The researchers participating to the project also published a book, based on their teaching experience of BIOART topics.



Teaching and Subjects on Bio-Medical Engineering (the project’s e-book) – Download
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