After the end of the project, the services and training modules developed will be integrated in the daily educational and training activities of the partner institutions within the established network. The new courses will be integrated as part of the regular, already existing, curricula of the partner institutions. In the regular curricula of the Universities, the learning platform and the courses will become selfP sustainable. Through large publicising of project results, intermediate and final, the partners will look for further financial support from companies from industry for implementation of the ePlearning courses in their R&D activities and development of training modules for their purposes. It will be a part of the dissemination activities in the project. The partners should conclude an agreement of diffusion implying the financial conditions for each institution. By the end of the project, the partners will establish a common business model for further funding and will maintain it after the end of the project. The sustainability will be discussed during every coordination meeting and implemented by all partner universities, involving enterprises in/out of the consortium.