Telco for Student Contest Organisation on 18.2.2020 –

Within the BioArt student contest hackaton students from Ukraine, Israel, Poland, Spain, Belgium and Austria will team up to develop a prototype of a medical device.

Students from all partner countries will meet at Cracow University and form teams of 5 to 6 students. These teams will in a joint manner bringing in different expertise solve their assignment. Finally at the end of the student contest the solutions will be reviewed by a jury and awarded according to their creativity, innovation and solution.

 What do I do at the Hackaton? 1. develop a first design of a medical product such as an implant or external prosthesis.

  1. create a lean functional prototype build from provided electronics, 3D printed parts and mechanical parts.

  2. Pitch on the last day to present your team’s solution

Link to: BioArt_HW_Konzept

For details and more information – click here