IUCC-Inter-University Computation Center

MEITAL – The Inter-University Center for E-learning (IUCEL) is an inter-institutional center of excellence that promotes the use of learning technologies in higher education in Israel. MEITAL’s members include 20 academic colleges as well as Israel’s eight universities. Pedagogic needs, technological development and accessibility of digital information make the field of online learning a complex and dynamic field that is constantly undergoing change and progress. Among other things, MEITAL serves as the central inter-institutional forum for the joint promotion of online learning in higher education, in cooperation with national institutions. Alongside this, MEITAL is an active member of international forums and plays an active role in global partnerships and consortia in the field. Being a leader and active participant in developments in innovations and trends in online education, accessibility, legal aspects of digital learning, support, training and research have had a significant positive impact on the advancement of the use of e-learning technologies in higher education.