Thomas More Mechelen – Antwerpen vzw (Belgium)

Thomas More is the largest university college in Flanders, offering over 30 bachelor programs in the province of Antwerp. In BIOArt, the department of Electronics – ICT of Campus De Nayer was involved. This department has great experience in education in the field of embedded systems, both on the local level as in an international context. The dynamic team embeds new technology and principles in their educational process. Moreover, all personnel takes an active role as researcher in the EmSys Research Group, a research group specialized in the development of embedded hardware and software; and in embedded system development and integration. EmSys had expertise in the software systems, from design to realization. This is done for local industry and in governmental research projects, both national as international, hence insuring an up-to-date knowledge in this field and a high relevance toward the demands of labour market, among others in appliances. The team has a long-lasting experience in High Density Interconnect design, high-speed and flex-rigid design, in low-power, small-footprint electronic ardware development and assembly, with the use of proper standards, with structured testing of functionality and physical integrity, and with putting into use and analysis of newly developed prototypes