Student contest

Topic of the BioArt student contest , organization and skills

Within the BioArt student contest hackaton students from Ukraine, Israel, Poland, Spain, Belgium and Austria will team up to develop a prototype of a medical device.

Students from all partner countries will meet at Cracow University and form teams of 5 to 6 students. These teams will in a joint manner bringing in different expertise solve their assignment. Finally at the end of the student contest the solutions will be reviewed by a jury and awarded according to their creativity, innovation and solution.

Hackaton includes:

– Developing a first design of a medical product such as an implant or external prosthesis.

– Creating  a lean functional prototype build from provided electronics, 3D printed parts and mechanical parts.

– Learning to make you familiar with top technologies and skill for innovative makers.

tentative List of mini lectures:

The student contest is organized in such a way that the know how you aquired during your studies is sufficient to solve the task in the team.

Only compulsory element you have to prepare is a presentation 4 slides long taking a maximum of 4 minutes to describe your skills, and the work you have done previously to let your student colleagues get a first impression on you.

In case you want to (voluntarily) prepare you can have a first look at

  • How to use an Arduino microcontroller

  • How to use @@@ software for mechanical design of 3D printed parts

  • How to make simple programmes in Phyton

Please mind that there will be tutoring and mini lectures at the contests to allow you to succeed.
Students selected for the student contest will get refunds according to the Erasmus fixed rates to cover their costs of stay and travel.
All material required for the student contest is provided by the organisation team.

In general we will provide all necessary equipment, but we recommend to bring your own laptop.
This will allow you to work in your familiar environment.
More info here

Venue, accomodation, travelling, material, equipment and more